carrot-bayam paratha

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Dont think so much,Bayam is nothing special its a leafy vegetable available in jakarta,u can use spinach or methi instead of bayam.

All twist comes to my mind due to my daughter,as she is not intrested in bayam,so i add this in paratha and its easy to create her intrest towards differnet types of food and vegetables.

It looks more colourful also so children will atract to it.

Whenever i am making any receipe i am trying my best whether it will be taken by my daughter with proper intrest or not.

When i am making this paratha i make her sit near to me to observe how it is done,so that she can also understand according to her age.

So as discussed we start our paratha receipe

First ingredeints

2   cup wheat flour
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup grated carrot
1/2 cup bayam chopped
1/4 cup spring onion(green portion) finelly chopped
2   greenc hillies finely chopped
1   tsp carom seeds
1   tsp turmeric powder
2   tsp coriander powder
salt according to taste

oil for making paratha
dry wheat flour


Prepare the dough adding all ingredients,it should be soft.
Wrap it and keep for 15 mins.Then make balls.

Then coat some dry flour and roll it like a roti.

Fold it,make a triangle shape and again roll it to make paratha.

Heat tawa,put partha,sprad oil over paratha from two sides,fry it till it becomes golden color as shown in picture.


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