Onion-Tomato Bhaji

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This is the simplest  recipe ever I know It’s my mom’s recipe amazing taste with chapatti If u don’t have any vegetable and wondering what to prepare u can go for this Now Ingredients 2 medium tomatoes 2 small onions 2 green chillies slited 10 curry leaves ¼ tsp mustard seeds ¼ tsp udad dal(moong dal also u can use) ¼ tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp oil Salt to taste Procedure Cut onion n tomato to big pieces. Heat oil , add mustard seeds and moong dal .(I prefer moong dal instead of udad dal as udad cause gastric problem and u can get same crunchy taste in moong dal also) When moong dal turns golden add green chillies and curry leaves. Now add tomato and onion together sauté this. Add all spices cover for 2-3 min maxium. Your onion-tomato bhaji is ready to serve.


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