Kalara-Alu Bhaja

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Why i include this in “Kids Corner” what to do my daughter like karella very much surprised me also chalo ek tension to dur hua…

This one we had in my younger sis home i just love this,its made of karella but u dont get any bitter taste may be due to this Sarthika also has no complain


2 medium potaoes

2 medium karellas

3 green chili slited

2 tsp oil

1/4 tsp udad dal

1/2 tsp turemric powder

salt to taste


Peel the karella n cut into thin slices,remove the seeds.

Now soak this in salty water for 10 min so that bitterness of karella will be removed.

Now cut the potato slices(dont peel it) n keep it in water for 1 min so that all stratch will be removed.

Now heat oil n add udad dal n green chilis.

When udad dal turns golden add karella slices n little turmeric powder,mix it.Lid the cover  for 5 min in low flame.First pur karella because it will take little more time comparing to potato slices.

When karella half done add potato slices n rest turmeric powder,saute it.AGain cover the lid for 3 min.

Now finally add salt n saute for 1 min.Serve with rice n dal…


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