Sooji Halwa with Ripe Banana

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If bananas are more ripe n u do not wanna to eat that one not to worry no need to throw that u can make a delicious sweet dish with this n its more nutritious because if banana is more ripen then it has more vitamins….


1 cup sooji rawa

1 ripe banana sliced

2 cups milk

1 tbsp cashew nuts

2 tsp ghee

a pinch of salt

sugar to sweetness


Dry roast the sooji till golden color.

Heat ghee n fry cashew nuts till golden color.

Remove that. n keep on a plate. Heat milk n add sugar with pinch of salt.

When sugar melt properly to milk,pour roasted sooji to the boiled milk as shown in pic.

Remember while pouring the sooji stir it simultaneously.Now add sliced ripe bananas to this n mash it properly so that it mixed well with sooji. Add fried cashew nuts.

Coat ghee on a plate and pour this mixture to the plate,cut into cubes..

Serve hot…



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