Paneer( made in home )

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Thanks Rajani ji because of you a big problem solved i can make paneer which has real Indian taste n my daughter loves paneer….


1 litre milk

1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar or curd

muslin cloth


Boil milk,when it starts boiling add lemon juice to this.Stir simultaneously.

After some time milk start curdle…strain the excess water.(Done throw the paneer water u can use that for making dough)

Keep inside a muslin cloth n make a shape with that.

Keep this on any chopper board and on this keep any heavy item.

If not available keep some bowl and add water to this.

Due to the pressure of this,any excess water will be removed from the paneer.Keep like this for 30 min.

Now store in the freeze for 2 hours to harden it.

While making any paneer dish remove it and cut into desired shape…


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