Muree Crunchy Cake


This is my nani maa recipe…she is the khazana of somany recipes…thnx nani for this yummy item

Now Ingredients

2 cups muree(puffed rice)
2/3 cup grated jaggery or more depending upon consistency
1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup water


Soak seasme seeds for 30 mins so that when it will be dry roasted it dont burn.

Dry roast peanut n make it cool down n peel the cover n crush it lil bit. Now dry roast seasme seeds for 1 min.

Boil water, when it start boiling add grated jaggery. Stir it continuously.

Dry roast muree…also.

Take some water in a bowl n put lil melted jaggery in the water…if it solidifies means its done.

Now add this mixture to this puffed rice with peanuts n sesame seeds.

When nanimaa tought me she told to apply oil on palm n make ladoo shape…

I did a little easier method…took a air tight box n coat with ghee n put the mixture n press it so that it tightly set in the box…

After it cool down u can remove…cut into bar shape.

Now njoy your Muree Crunchy Cake…

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