super quick IDLY…


Idly when u thinking to prepare so long process n time taken..u hv to soak udad daal n rice, grind it n keep overnight to ferment…but in this recipe no need of these thongs at all…today morning only I prepared this jhatpat idly n u cant differentiate it from the regular one…

This superb idea I hv taken from a friend of a cookery group…did lil verification by adding lemon juice n eno

So now u can welcome ur guests with this super quick idly n surprise them…

Preparation time 5 min
Cooking time        7 min
Serving Persons  4


1.5 cup thin poha
2 cup idly rawa
1/2 cup curd
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
1/2 tbsp eno fruit salt
Oil to grease


Take thin poha n add water to this n mash with hands properly.

Now add curd n idly rawa to this.

Add salt, lemon juice n water to this to make a semi thick batter like idly batter.

Boil sufficient water.

I have used two methods to make these idly..

One is quicker one grease mini idly stand n pour batter.Steam it for 5 min n its ready…

Othe is grease a plate n pour batter n steam for 10 min…when cool down cut into slices


Using of lemon juice to enhance the taste…n I hv used eno to make idly fluffy n soft

If u prepare batter one day before add lil soda n keep batter overnight to ferment it…no need to add eno





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