Rice Flour

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Rice flour is a main n most imp. ingredient in most of my dishes…whenever i go India i brought 3-4 kg rice flour but that one not enough for whole one year…this problem is solved when my parents came here

My mom n dad both taught me somany receipes during this one month stay which is very helpful for me…no need to carry from India anymore…

When i learnt the process of making rice flour i  was thinking why i was not making it before so easy to make than bringing carefully from India


rice only rice

U can make so many items using rice flour such as dosa, chakli,some sukhi sabji etc….


Soak rice for 3 hours.

Drain the excess water n dry it on a cloth for 15 min so that extra water will be absorbed by cloth.

Then blend it to a fine powder. Seive properly so that the fine powder completely separated from the rough granules as shown in picture.

Again blend the rough granules n repeat the process.

Now dry this fine powder 4-5 hours.Store in a air tight container.




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